Advance Medical 2000H Patient Monitor


Advance Medical patient monitors measure, record, distribute and display combinations of biometric values such as heart rate, SPO2, blood pressure, temperature, and more. High-capability, multi-function monitors are typically used in hospitals and clinics to ensure a high level of quality patient care.


1. Suitable for Bedside, ICU, Operation room
2. Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients
3. Support various modules including 3/5/12 Leads ECG,RESP,SPO2, NIBP, IBP, CO2, AG, etc.
4. Multi-display:Large font, Standard,Full-ledas ,trend,oxyCRG.

5. Built-in detachable rechargeable lithium battery(about 4h)

6. Support multi-language, Central Monitoring system
7. Unique voice and indicator alarm
8. Maximum 720-hour graphic and tabular trends of all parameters 9. Arrhythmia analysis, ST calculation, Pace analysis
10. Anti-ESU, anti- defibrillator

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