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The Invacare Platinum 9 Oxygen Concentrator offers providers a value added and reliable global solution to treat patients with high flow requirements. Use as a stand alone device or couple together with HomeFill® for complete patient care.

While optimising oxygen concentration, Platinum 9 minimises costs associated to maintenance and delivery. It allows patients to stay at home comfortably and safely thanks to a series of integrated alarms. Users will appreciate its simplicity of use combined with maximum security. Powerful and reliable, Invacare Platinum 9 is also user friendly.

With its 9 litre oxygen capacity and 96-87% purity, Platinum 9 is dedicated to patients with high oxygen needs. Easy to manoeuvre thanks to its integrated handle and casters, Platinum 9 is also easy to use and guarantees extra safety for its user.

Innovative techniques reduce the compressor and purge sounds to an almost undetectable level. By utilizing the latest advancement in sieve material Perfecto2 V has reduced weight whilst maintaining the highest oxygen purity at all flow rates.




Invacare Oxygen Concentrator Platinum 9

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